Thursday, March 31, 2011

el tercero viaje a la habana, cuba

i still feel like crap, but well enough to take the soup pot away from my bedside. gross! now none of you will come over for soup again. i didn't use it. it just made me feel more secure having it there. but as i asked jade for it, feeling weak and nauseated, defeated by a stomach bug, i got nervous for a moment that maybe it was some abhorrent behavior practiced in only my family and he would be disgusted by me.
it's really nice to have someone to take care of you when you're sick. the first two days were taken up solely with sleeping, moaning, thinking i was definitely going to die, deciding that if i didn't, then i surely didn't have enough strength to get through the rest of this life, mixed with trips on the half hour to the bathroom for unmentionables.
finally, today i am still bedbound, but well enough to feel stir crazy, bored and whine about the bedsores i must have amassed from three eternal days in bed.

i have a minute to sift through my photos from cuba. yes! i'm back. in 2009 i went to cuba and my head exploded with an overload of visual beauty and intrigue. i shot literally thousands of photos that, by and large, haven't seen the light of day. in 2010 i went to cuba and felt so much guilt that i had not processed those photos, that when the head explosion came, i punished myself by largely ignoring it and shooting a few snapshots on my iphone, which have also not seen the light of day. in 2011 i went to cuba and only took my camera out for a half day. therefore, i have a very manageable handful of photos to share with you. one day we'll catch up with the rest!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

overheard while boyfriend wrangled with mousetrap

how do you.....?!
this thing!


oh! i could totally be a fur trapper!

p.s. don't give me grief about the trap. blame the man of the house.