Thursday, April 26, 2012

rose colored iphone

slowly making my way back to reality after two months spent mostly in shanghai.  re-orientation to new york has included several walks to the river and much gazing at the sky.  despite the fact that the weather since my return has been described as 'mostly cloudy', i've still seen more blue sky in these few days than in two months in china.
i feel guilty being so negative about my experience in china, but the truth is, the apocalyptic level of pollution thoroughly colored my time and mood there.  call me country girl--i couldn't deal.  i felt like i'd visited the future of our planet.  and it was scary and depressing.
so this photo seems like it's supposed to relate, but really it doesn't.
ever get excited about the sky and clouds then realize it's just because you're wearing sunglasses, and the person next to you thinks you're crazy because all they see is grey?
to remedy this, i held my sunglasses in front of my iphone to take the above image.