Friday, February 27, 2009

desperately seeking hairstyles

click on the photo to make it bigger if it helps. walking past this south williamsburg salon and was stopped by comedy. i love it when translation goes wrong. in spanish this shop is seeking an experienced hairstylist. in english: hairstyles will do.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

mystery valentine

oops, sorry for the lag. been dropping many of the balls i'm trying to juggle. but you forgive me, right? say you forgive me?
okay. atonement out of the way. let's proceed.

saturday, 14 february 2009 mystery valentinei always take random test shots before i ask anyone to pose because i find that first moment they look at the camera to be the best one, 75% of the the time. and if the exposure's off? really annoying. most of the time these test shots aren't in focus. they are not composed. the ground, my leg, the wall. this shot shouldn't have been any different, as i sat at enid's--my favorite east coast brunch spot--about to photograph kathleen. but when i looked over my shots this mystery girl pulled me into the frame with her intense gaze that even soft focus and paper flowers couldn't obscure. this is what i'd call a happy accident. i just couldn't throw her away. and so, she gets to be my mystery valentine.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


friday, 13 february 2009 peajay
peajay is a damn good tattoo artist and generally a very pleasant, laid-back guy. he hasn't worked at the shop too long so i don't really know much more about him than that. still, it was a big bummer when, this day, he gave notice. bought a house and moving to mass with his wife, thank you. and now, since our other artist departed a couple weeks ago, it's left us in a scrambling situation to make big decisions about the fate of the shop. cross fingers. click on photos for enlarged view. and as usual, please help me in my editing process.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

bored and boring

thursday, 12 february 2009 rez's friendto be fair, she didn't know us and her plans had been completely derailed for the evening. instead of being at some fabulous party, she was sitting in a tattoo shop after hours while we all worked out travel arrangements for an upcoming business trip and her friend gave the boss accupuncture. perhaps i'd be bored too. but come on, it's non-stop fun around us! yawn.

and i'm not using the above following photo officially because i want to keep rez up my sleeve for later. but wanted to share. she's in school for accupunture. yikes. i've already refused her generous offers of treatment. the boss did smile with glee after the treatment and declare himself to be feeling really good.

rez and i both got a kick out of this needle being stuck in the foot of the tattoo--double power!

home is where the heart is?

before i ditched my old phone i almost forgot that i'd been taking a few pictures with it. pictures of things that grabbed me and made me upset that i didn't have a camera on me. they had to be special in order to warrant enduring the poor quality to share them. except i could never figure out how to get them out of the phone. enter emir. do you know that not only do i have an in house turkish techie to help me through my 'special' computer skills, but also his brother? it's incredible. it makes it almost worth enduring emre's musical affinities.
i said almost.

this subway graffiti warmed me heart.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ten-four big red

wednesday, 11 february 2009 ladyfriend
still haven't found a tenant for the beautifully lit sublet. so it continues to be the place where i do homework.
a friend of a friend called me up all excited about the place. this was before i got all cynical from traipsing down to red hook daily only to be turned down. so i was so excited by his enthusiasm that i didn't even have a chance to object when he said, let me get back to you after i talk to my ladyfriend. ladyfriend? first of all, no couples allowed, and second....ladyfriend?
i imagined him holding his cb radio in one had while the other hand idly twirled the greased ends of his handlebar mustache. imagine my surprise when she walked in.and i'm sorry, i can't remember her real name because ladyfriend? too classic.

really between the two shots. tell me which you prefer...
oh, and, they didn't take the place because he also forgot to mention his dogfriend, the pitbull.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a starry night in brooklyn

tuesday, 10 february 2008 barbarabarbara chose to commemorate three major surgeries/accidents of her life each with a big star. the design, as all tattoos do, evolved through a combination of idea and aesthetics, a healthy dose of listening to suggestions and closing ears to others. most relevant in the end (of course in addition to the original idea) became the trademark hand of the artist (boss of mine), who uses these stars in nearly all of his drawings and the felicitous juxtaposition of the brownish stars with the galaxy of freckles already swirling on barbara's arm (click on photo for better view of this phenomenon).
it is fitting that barbara came into my life via her last surgury, for which mieke served as her physical therapist. no, wait! mieke was with her for that last accident! mieke originally was her therapist for the previous injury. and barbara is just one of those people that you want to know--with equal parts listening ear, yarn-spinning tongue and oversized heart. yep, she's a star.

Monday, February 16, 2009

four years of twins

happy birthday to rose and ginger, my sweet little twins. and hugs to kim and tristan. it's been a tough spell for the little williamson family these days, i know. love you guys.

get out of jail free-squandered

monday, 09 february, 2008 kitty joe

i had to play the self card way too early in this project. i was hoping to save it for an emergency near the end of the semester. but i was a space cadet and forgot to ask the artist who came by the shop if i could photograph him, and just like that, he was gone!

yesterday i said goodbye to many old texts i'd been saving on my sim card. because a refurbished iphone may have fallen like stardust into my hands. i'm officially obsessed. desktop g5, macbook pro laptop and iphone, you've stollen my soul. ah, but for sweet reward. but backing to the nostalgic parting. there were announcements of my sister's engagement and pregnancy. encouragement from xavier when applying to college after over a decade off. excited reports from mieke after her first date with ezra and loud voicemails from rose and ginger thanking me for big birds. this soul i sold for apple.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"we should have been brother and sister!"

wednesday, 04 february 2009 josejose said it as we stood sandwiched between artful new yorkers at the highline ballroom. we were gossiping, and as usual, we were nodding our heads at each other saying things like, "i know exactly how you feel", and "i totally do the same thing".

and it's true. jose started out as my boss--the boss everyone but me feared. he respected me and the work i did and so he praised me and treated me gently, like a kitten--or a little sister. between visits we do a lot of "we HAVE to get together", until finally, one of us gets stuck with an extra ticket to a concert and we share. we've done this 6 or 7 times, it seems. sometimes spontaneity is the best and most successful plan in the overscheduled, fast paced world of new york city.
this night was cold. really cold. but i delighted in the luxury of getting a ride from home to the show and back again. in a car. i pretended i was rich folk and wore heels and a dress and just a jacket. no seven layers of tights and thermals and undersweaters and hats and double gloves and diaper scarves. i still died on that one block walk to the venue. after the show i sat in the car shivering and pre-setting my camera and the plan. okay jose: i'm gonna run out and get the focus. then i'm gonna wave to you and you run out and stand right there. and try not to scream. and at 9 degrees my fingers would barely move and i'm just lucky he's in the picture plane at all!

and we ran back to the car shaking and squealing and me screaming TURN THE HEATER ON!!!

p.s. would anyone care to join me in scratching their heads in wonder that next month we will celebrate jose's 50th birthday? what?

p.p.s. oh, is it valentine's day? what's that?

p.p.p.s. jose was day 1 of my assignment. the first.

Friday, February 13, 2009

i'm sorry, apparently 50 million people have already watched this, but just in case you didn't yet..

Thursday, February 12, 2009


thursday, 05 february 2009

john was my teacher. he's a brilliant and humorous speaker. when the end of my semester came and he asked me to be his teaching assistant, i jumped at the chance, not because it pays well, but for the same reason his devoted people come back every semester, year after year, to sit in his classroom, complain as they do that it's too hot, too cold. just to hear him talk about art. he expands my mind and continues to facilitate my understanding of something that a few years ago seemed beyond my grasp. and he mixes his yale vocabulary with a goofiness that is so endearing.

incidentally, i've also done finances and photoshop work for his wife, tended to his plants in his glorious carroll gardens brownstone while he vacationed, and then there was the introduction to a now infamous artist to whom i've devoted my professional life in the past year. a pivot point.

here you see him with his handy, homemade--not quite perfect but makeshift pointer which replaced his holy grail perfect pointer of old. i also love the way his colorfully patterned, untucked shirts bear the awkward creases as if they've each come fresh out of a plastic package.

your favorite? hit the comments.

oh, but wait! john was my subject last thursday, so in the week that has elapsed, i had forgotten my inspiration, what i was going to say about him. i only remember that i forgot it (yes, i'm so helpful to myself). it was something about john being the person i communicate with the most via eye contact. he communicates timing to me with his eyes and i advance the slides. luckily, he has lovely eyes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


friday, 06 february 2009 mieke

i bought these earrings in portland because the word 'friend' popped out of the lovely dewdrop magnified text. here in new york, where stable, down-to-earth friendships are tough to maintain, mieke has been my neighborhood yoga buddy, brunch companion, sous chef, co-party thrower, ear for gossipping, supplier of all things delicious and belgian, artistic supporter and sharer of an occaisional bottle of wine. in exchange, i found her a husband. and i will never give up those bragging rights.

these images should be enlarged for detailed viewing by clicking on them.

  • first: isolated earring
  • second: portrait
  • third: glass
  • fourth: focus on earring

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

vegas baby

saturday, 07 february, 2009
i met shannon just today, when i officiated her marriage to matthew. they'd already had an amazing ceremony in mexico streaming in sunlight and marched through the village by a swarm of mariachis. today featured a touch less pomp but even so, the simple exchange of vows and rings (even at a pan asian-vegan restaurant) feels special and significant. so much so, that i hesitated in stripping down to my istanbul fish t-shirt, until shannon trumped me with a humor much appreciated. shannon and matthew met in las vegas, so of course, in may their baby will emerge: vegas baby. extra points for a 'shotgun' wedding?
on a sidenote: isn't it interesting meeting people's siblings? so similar yet different...(hi erika!)

Monday, February 9, 2009

warning: homework alert

i've assigned myself the task of photographing somebody different every day this semester for my visual diary class. i believe this idea popped into my head as a direct rebellion to spending a semester photographing myself for my photographic self portrait class. initially i wanted to somehow standardize the photos so they would work together but this idea was met with protest from my very encouraging instructor. so i've let them develop (hee hee, photographer's pun!) as they will, as they surely would have anyway without the in-class lashing. most of the images are taken very quickly, with no real time to overanalyze. and i think that's good. i'm already half a week behind in sharing them with you, so without further ado, i'll just start from yesterday.

sunday, 8th of february, 2009
cristina wanted to sublet that hypothetical place so badly. still in detroit, she almost declared she'd take it sight unseen. for her i held off on calling many craigslisters. for her i rearranged my schedule and then my weekend schedule. when she pulled up in a mercedes (okay, so it wasn't hers, but still, you don't find me riding around in a 'cedes) i knew it wasn't good news for our little hypothetical funky studio.
she really didn't like the carpet. who could blame her? but look at that gorgeous light! she was a good sport though, and allowed me to photograph her in our probably only five minutes ever of acquaintance. NEXT!

Friday, February 6, 2009

wherein i continue to stubbornly use my blog, rather than facebook, as a repository for boring thoughts about myself

okay, you want to hear 25 random things about me? boy, have you come to the right place! how about 296 random things about me, which is as many posts as there are on this blog? you asked. so here you go.

#22, as encountered yesterday in the BITTER cold.

i have this scarf. it's beautiful. hand knit by emre's mother. what's 'special' about it is its length. it's roughly 10-12' long. this makes it handy for days like yesterday (and probably today-haven't gone out to check that fun out yet), is that it can wrap me up like a wooly dusty rose mummy faster than you can say 'king tut' meets molly ringwald. around the shoulders and around my neck and around my mouth and around my nose and back down again.

problem is, when i actually need to come up for a breath of air, or, i don't know, see the street i'm crossing, i end up with all this yarn almost dragging the sidewalk. and somehow it has this magnetic way of getting trapped between my legs and riding up my jeans until suddenly i'm wondering, 'am i wearing a diaper or something'?

untangle epic scarf from between the legs and repeat. it usually takes about 30 seconds to diaper me up again. so the mummy style is much more effective.

aren't you glad you asked? too bad my 183 facebook friends don't want to wander over this way to read this gem. go figure.

and aha! since i haven't been regaling you with any photos lately, i'll give you more chances to call me narcissistic and share with you another such yarn creation from emre's mom. it's quite martha stewart gets out of jail, no? do notice the matching hat. as modeled a couple years ago by our happy blogger.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

uncomfortable hypothetical situation #79

of course, totally hypothetical:

showing the boss's sublet apartment to a prospective tenant and hearing a rustling noise emanating from the wall. ignore.

tenant to be?: oh! are there mice here?
me: um....i don't know. there's no cat around, and this is new york city after all, so i'm gonna say, it's entirely possible.
tenant to be?: okay. great.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

weather vain

okay. so i'm not really one to engage in such self-indulgent behavior as to really think the weather could conspire against me personally. and for the record, i really love snow.


how is it that if the winds are 13 mph coming from the NNE, every turn i make, the snow is blowing STRAIGHT INTO MY FACE?!

just curious.

Monday, February 2, 2009

the back from vacation report

somebody, please would anybody, hit me in the face with a frying pan or anything cast iron just STOP MY EYE FROM TWITCHING!!

the left one. the one that's been twitching all day. can i be that stressed? really? i tried to zen power through it for the first hour but it just screamed, yelled and twitched and twitched and twitched some more. oof.