Monday, February 9, 2009

warning: homework alert

i've assigned myself the task of photographing somebody different every day this semester for my visual diary class. i believe this idea popped into my head as a direct rebellion to spending a semester photographing myself for my photographic self portrait class. initially i wanted to somehow standardize the photos so they would work together but this idea was met with protest from my very encouraging instructor. so i've let them develop (hee hee, photographer's pun!) as they will, as they surely would have anyway without the in-class lashing. most of the images are taken very quickly, with no real time to overanalyze. and i think that's good. i'm already half a week behind in sharing them with you, so without further ado, i'll just start from yesterday.

sunday, 8th of february, 2009
cristina wanted to sublet that hypothetical place so badly. still in detroit, she almost declared she'd take it sight unseen. for her i held off on calling many craigslisters. for her i rearranged my schedule and then my weekend schedule. when she pulled up in a mercedes (okay, so it wasn't hers, but still, you don't find me riding around in a 'cedes) i knew it wasn't good news for our little hypothetical funky studio.
she really didn't like the carpet. who could blame her? but look at that gorgeous light! she was a good sport though, and allowed me to photograph her in our probably only five minutes ever of acquaintance. NEXT!


Mieke said...

That indeed sounds and looks like the wrong person for the studio.... ;-)
Good luck with the continued search!!

Amy said...

Sounds like quite the undertaking, at least there is no shortage of people in NYC! I'm looking forward to seeing more. :)

kim said...

Love portraits. I look forward to seeing them as they are posted. This lady looks familiar to me? Weird.