Friday, February 6, 2009

wherein i continue to stubbornly use my blog, rather than facebook, as a repository for boring thoughts about myself

okay, you want to hear 25 random things about me? boy, have you come to the right place! how about 296 random things about me, which is as many posts as there are on this blog? you asked. so here you go.

#22, as encountered yesterday in the BITTER cold.

i have this scarf. it's beautiful. hand knit by emre's mother. what's 'special' about it is its length. it's roughly 10-12' long. this makes it handy for days like yesterday (and probably today-haven't gone out to check that fun out yet), is that it can wrap me up like a wooly dusty rose mummy faster than you can say 'king tut' meets molly ringwald. around the shoulders and around my neck and around my mouth and around my nose and back down again.

problem is, when i actually need to come up for a breath of air, or, i don't know, see the street i'm crossing, i end up with all this yarn almost dragging the sidewalk. and somehow it has this magnetic way of getting trapped between my legs and riding up my jeans until suddenly i'm wondering, 'am i wearing a diaper or something'?

untangle epic scarf from between the legs and repeat. it usually takes about 30 seconds to diaper me up again. so the mummy style is much more effective.

aren't you glad you asked? too bad my 183 facebook friends don't want to wander over this way to read this gem. go figure.

and aha! since i haven't been regaling you with any photos lately, i'll give you more chances to call me narcissistic and share with you another such yarn creation from emre's mom. it's quite martha stewart gets out of jail, no? do notice the matching hat. as modeled a couple years ago by our happy blogger.


Amy said...

I bet that is a sight to see coming undone, but it does sound like the perfect scarf for NYC! I do like this set you're sporting in the photo. Cool hat with a brim and all. Stay warm!

Mieke said...

Stick to the blogging! Love your stories! And the scarf!

Anonymous said...

My ass just fell off because I was laughing so much at this visual of your knitted diaper flowing around your nether regions. Love, Gnome.

kim said...


Ezra and Mieke said...

Hi Kitty!!!
We launched the blog Thanks to your amazing help and creativity!
You are linked on it! Let's share the blog passion again!
Love Mieke

Ezra and Mieke said...

Kit, It's not even possible for you to be boring! I love the scarf story. So funny. Great pic too. Marth Stewart gets out of jail is hilarious. - EZ

Sudz said...

Speaking of scarves (scarfs?), have you been missing a long, white, very soft scarf since Christmas?
btw, Got your post card, thanks.
Aunt Sudz

kitty8joe said...

aha! that is abbie's scarf! she left it at grandma donna's on christmas. I was supposed to get it when i went back to visit grandma donna's but then spent my vacation sick....maybe you could bring it to amy's on my dad's birthday?