Thursday, February 26, 2009

mystery valentine

oops, sorry for the lag. been dropping many of the balls i'm trying to juggle. but you forgive me, right? say you forgive me?
okay. atonement out of the way. let's proceed.

saturday, 14 february 2009 mystery valentinei always take random test shots before i ask anyone to pose because i find that first moment they look at the camera to be the best one, 75% of the the time. and if the exposure's off? really annoying. most of the time these test shots aren't in focus. they are not composed. the ground, my leg, the wall. this shot shouldn't have been any different, as i sat at enid's--my favorite east coast brunch spot--about to photograph kathleen. but when i looked over my shots this mystery girl pulled me into the frame with her intense gaze that even soft focus and paper flowers couldn't obscure. this is what i'd call a happy accident. i just couldn't throw her away. and so, she gets to be my mystery valentine.


Maria said...


Amy said...

Great shot, I really like how she's framed with the piping and the camel(?) legs are directing the eye straight down to her. :)

kim said...

Welcome back. Very cool gold camel. What was their signature dish there? I remember it was something delicious.

Genie said...

Gor-to-the-geous. You're right -- her gaze totally overcomes any focal issues.