Thursday, February 12, 2009


thursday, 05 february 2009

john was my teacher. he's a brilliant and humorous speaker. when the end of my semester came and he asked me to be his teaching assistant, i jumped at the chance, not because it pays well, but for the same reason his devoted people come back every semester, year after year, to sit in his classroom, complain as they do that it's too hot, too cold. just to hear him talk about art. he expands my mind and continues to facilitate my understanding of something that a few years ago seemed beyond my grasp. and he mixes his yale vocabulary with a goofiness that is so endearing.

incidentally, i've also done finances and photoshop work for his wife, tended to his plants in his glorious carroll gardens brownstone while he vacationed, and then there was the introduction to a now infamous artist to whom i've devoted my professional life in the past year. a pivot point.

here you see him with his handy, homemade--not quite perfect but makeshift pointer which replaced his holy grail perfect pointer of old. i also love the way his colorfully patterned, untucked shirts bear the awkward creases as if they've each come fresh out of a plastic package.

your favorite? hit the comments.

oh, but wait! john was my subject last thursday, so in the week that has elapsed, i had forgotten my inspiration, what i was going to say about him. i only remember that i forgot it (yes, i'm so helpful to myself). it was something about john being the person i communicate with the most via eye contact. he communicates timing to me with his eyes and i advance the slides. luckily, he has lovely eyes.


Anonymous said...

I like them all for different reasons...the intense gaze of #2 keeps pulling me back!

Baby D said...

my pick is numero 1. gives a bit of his personality.

Amy said...

I'd have to go with the second shot. I do like the first one, but there's so much space above his head and you know (if not, I'm sure dad will tell you) that I like to get right in close. :)

p.s. Is that a baby or doll in Baby D.'s profile? Sure is pretty.

Amy said...

Okay, just clicked on Baby D. and it's a live stinkin' cute!!!

kitty8joe said...

yeah, i like to get in tight too, but in this assignment i'm pushing myself to include more environment. in this case, the school hallway...also the pointer is key...but yeah, i end up liking the tight shots.

kim said...

Number 1 is my favorite.