Friday, August 31, 2012

hang it up.

just swam my last outdoor adult swim for the summer.  with much sadness i retire this trusty and bedraggled season pass and give thanks to the city of new york parks & recreation department, who gave me a beautiful summer, for free.  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

confessions from a failed guppy

i've been writing entries to this feature in my blog for two years.  you just don't know it because i do it in my head while i'm swimming.  i guess i don't have the app yet that instantly translates thoughts into blog posts.  but i'm sure they're working on it!

nevertheless, the big revelation of this morning's swim is that i've been counting my distance incorrectly.  which in this case means that i've swam twice as far as I thought I had!  so instead of averaging a quarter mile a day, which sounds pretty pathetic, i've actually be swimming about 2/3 of a mile a day!  nice one, guppy!   can i pat myself on the back for a second here after a summer of committed daily swimming?  i think yes.

so that means that in the big lap contest that i was too shy to enter, i haven't come so far from missing the final prize--a mccarren pool early bird swim champ tshirt--which would require swimming 30 miles total.  i'm only missing the mark by a little, coming in at just under 25 miles!  now i wish i had signed up, because knowing that, i would have pushed myself harder.

next year, the t shirt is mine!