Tuesday, February 10, 2009

vegas baby

saturday, 07 february, 2009
i met shannon just today, when i officiated her marriage to matthew. they'd already had an amazing ceremony in mexico streaming in sunlight and marched through the village by a swarm of mariachis. today featured a touch less pomp but even so, the simple exchange of vows and rings (even at a pan asian-vegan restaurant) feels special and significant. so much so, that i hesitated in stripping down to my istanbul fish t-shirt, until shannon trumped me with a humor much appreciated. shannon and matthew met in las vegas, so of course, in may their baby will emerge: vegas baby. extra points for a 'shotgun' wedding?
on a sidenote: isn't it interesting meeting people's siblings? so similar yet different...(hi erika!)


Amy said...

What a fun shirt! Seeing the shirt reminded me of our trip to Vegas, lots of fun! :)

Anonymous said...

hi back!
thanks again -- it was a fun afternoon. i'll email you a link to the mexico wedding pics.

kim said...

Love the pregger belly!