Saturday, February 14, 2009

"we should have been brother and sister!"

wednesday, 04 february 2009 josejose said it as we stood sandwiched between artful new yorkers at the highline ballroom. we were gossiping, and as usual, we were nodding our heads at each other saying things like, "i know exactly how you feel", and "i totally do the same thing".

and it's true. jose started out as my boss--the boss everyone but me feared. he respected me and the work i did and so he praised me and treated me gently, like a kitten--or a little sister. between visits we do a lot of "we HAVE to get together", until finally, one of us gets stuck with an extra ticket to a concert and we share. we've done this 6 or 7 times, it seems. sometimes spontaneity is the best and most successful plan in the overscheduled, fast paced world of new york city.
this night was cold. really cold. but i delighted in the luxury of getting a ride from home to the show and back again. in a car. i pretended i was rich folk and wore heels and a dress and just a jacket. no seven layers of tights and thermals and undersweaters and hats and double gloves and diaper scarves. i still died on that one block walk to the venue. after the show i sat in the car shivering and pre-setting my camera and the plan. okay jose: i'm gonna run out and get the focus. then i'm gonna wave to you and you run out and stand right there. and try not to scream. and at 9 degrees my fingers would barely move and i'm just lucky he's in the picture plane at all!

and we ran back to the car shaking and squealing and me screaming TURN THE HEATER ON!!!

p.s. would anyone care to join me in scratching their heads in wonder that next month we will celebrate jose's 50th birthday? what?

p.p.s. oh, is it valentine's day? what's that?

p.p.p.s. jose was day 1 of my assignment. the first.


Amy said...

I am totally into the second shot of him with his eyes shut, it's a lot of fun! And I'm so happy that you have such a good friend in Jose, I can't believe he's about to turn 50...sure doesn't look it at all. :)

kim said...

I like his jacket and no, he does not look anything close to 50. Was that a typo? Or do I need to change my perception of 50?

kitty8joe said...

nope, not a typo! and amy, i like the eyes closed one too.

Anonymous said...

woah! totally failed to mention which show!
:) Ed

kitty8joe said...

um. i think that might be because i can't remember his name. i know. bad. british soulful singer/songwriter. you know, right up your alley!