Friday, August 22, 2008

don't hate me because i'm going to paradox lake

paradox lake has become a sort of mecca for emre and i. could it have been three years ago that ten or so of us first stormed 'the cedars' for a weekend of cabin improvement and beautiful water? emre and i are so grateful that the cedars is still a destination for us. we're lucky that chelsea calls us up every year and says, "the adirondacks are calling us!" oh yes they are. and we're on our way. to share in our joy, to reminisce or to feel envious, check out a few photos from that introductory trip below.
missing kiyomi and skip a lot right now!

ah! and how could i almost forget the high jinx from last fall starring eddie and emre! check out the boys of paradox lake--a school project photoshop that ran so linearly i had to make a little movie out of the stills...
by the way, one of these 'men' is about to become both a doctor and a father (hint: it's not emre). be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great place to visit. Looks relaxing! Best wishes to Kiyomi, Skip, Maria and Eddie on their impending births. Do we know what we're having???
Cheers, Naomi

Amy said...

What a beautiful place to visit, it looks so peaceful! Have fun! :)

kiyomi said...

we're up at John's other "cabin" in Minnesota and heard from him that you & Chelsea were at Paradox - wish you guys could join us up here!! went on baby's first fishing trip yesterday (complete with a portage), but I didn't catch anything. (we don't know what we're having, but will find out in December!!)

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Our family owned The Cedars for many years before the big tree fell on it. Many happy memories there. Glad to see you folks are making some happy memories too. :)

Tom McGuinness
San Rafael, CA