Monday, March 9, 2009

STILL sister

sunday, 15 february 2009 haleythey say you can't choose your family. i have been lucky enough to forge true friendships with my two sisters--we're all so different that perhaps we never would have met within a group of strangers. yet we share something very special.

additionally, you can't choose your "in-laws", even though you usually choose your partner. luckily for me, the partner i chose has an adorably sweet little brother who i've adopted as my own puppy, and he chose my dear haley.

so to review: you can't choose your family. you can choose your partner. but you can't choose your partners family or the partners they choose. so you're lucky if you like them. wow, i'm truly on the road to philosophy, no?

born from all of these limitations is my friendship with haley. she has become my little sister in the most organic, non-forced way--through preparing for a quick wedding, through sharing stories and rolling our eyes at our turkish brothers, through enduring conflicts from crazy people, through fallling asleep on each other's couches (okay, so that's mostly my habit). all of this, i appreciate.

today she is 25. just a little kitten. and what a fine model!

the title to this post is an inside joke. i apologize for publishing inside jokes. they are annoying. but that's the power of an inside joke. it takes over.


Anonymous said...

may i share this adorable little kitten, by sister proxy? i do just adore her so...

kim said...

What a beautiful photo!

Amy said...

Very nice shot of a very sweet girl! Happy Birthday Haley! :)

haley said...

Aw, you are going to make me cry! HOW SWEET! And this entry reflects just how sweet YOU are for dedicating a whole post to little old me! (just as a 'sick in the head' dog is a reflection of their owners!) And for taking care of me on party night (and many other days and nights) and for a million other reasons!

still sister haley