Friday, July 17, 2009

what i've been up to

last july we did research and wrote a proposal.
in october we harvested truckloads of an invasive reed from a lake in queens.
in november we wrote up a budget and signed a contract for a museum residency.
in december we stripped the leaves from the reeds and pulped greenish paper to produce a 4' x 2' print.
in march we were forced out of our studio because the reeds to the ceiling were a fire hazard.
in april we moved the reeds into our new 500,000 square foot abandoned hockey rink residency studio.
in may i graduated from the new school.
the following week the rains came and we started building boats out of reeds.
in june the rain still poured down every day and we thought maybe the boats would come in handy for a noah-style escape. jade moved into the studio and started building a pig ship to include in our armada.
in july, we finally got a meeting with the parks department to beg for permission to flood a fountain for the battle that we'd already labored on for a year.
in august, come hell or highwater, we will float.
i have had one day off in two months. if you'd like to hang out, come to the rink!


kim said...

Bloodsport come hell or highwater...all I can say is WOW. Ca't wait to see pics of the boats and event! Hang in there!!! Don't get too much rink-fever.

Amy said...

Sounds exciting! I bet you'll be ready for a nice, long nap! :)

JayJohnson said...

My friend, I miss you! This is fantastic. Here I thought all those reed gathering trips were just on whims! I don't know if we can make the battle, but if we can........

Anonymous said...

at least you have Jade to keep you company. Gnome.