Wednesday, March 31, 2010

maybe not such an innocent fall

now that we've all had a chance to have a good laugh at my expense, it's time for the self-pity to set in. cause it turns out, it wasn't such an innocent fall. daily i am able to blame another ailment of my life on those fateful 2 seconds. (you like the melodrama, right?)

for example on monday i noticed some strange pain the my right arm and shoulder. at first i thought it was the pilates video jade and i have been laboring through (but that's it's own ridiculous image for another day). then i realized my arms are probably the only part of my body that video doesn't work. i guess smashed grapes aren't as effective a fall break as i'd thought.

then worse, yesterday i noticed the below damage to my preciously expensive and indispensable to my job macbook pro:

sure, it seems to be working fine for now, but surely it can't be good. grrr. i think i'll take up a melodramatic subway ad campaign against broken sidewalks. because kids aren't starving in africa or anything.

and as a p.s. can we just take a minute to praise my phone (even though it has inspired jade to call me iNerd). i reached for my hulking D300 camera and realized how absolutely silly it would be to make a 60mb raw file of a cracked computer shell to post on my silly blog. my phone has become my point and shoot. it's a beautiful thing (and yes, maybe i'm a just few years behind the rest of the world).


Mieke said...

Ouch, sounds painful for both your shoulder AND your computer!
Well, can't wait to read a blog description about you and Jade doing a pilates video. Seriously, you made me laugh already ;-)

kim said...

The price of a good story. Radiating arm pain doesn't sound good.

Amy said...

Oh, I want an iPhone so badly, not fair!