Monday, February 28, 2011

oh, the petty injustices and disappointments of my world.

fear not, people. i will not use this blog to say anything of importance. that said, let's get down to the most recent crimes against kitty joe. let me set the scene for you.

i'm tired. i had a triumphant opening on friday night (yes, as far as work and exhaustion go, it was my opening too). but many things were put on the back burner in order to meet that deadline. hence, weekend does not equal weekend, and sunday night found me still plugging away to get a proposal out.

it's 9pm and i've eaten one meal. i have at least three hours of work ahead of me. i cave in to the huge craving for a burrito. even though i know i will not be california burrito satisfied and i will feel guilty for spending the money even though i have soup in the fridge, i desperately need a burrito fix. so i go to calexico, the hip newcomer to greenpoint, and i wait a half and hour in the party atmosphere, shouting my order over the music and waiting impatiently. by this time i don't care if it's california good. i'm so excited to get home and tear the inauthentic paper-lined foil from its beautiful body.

when the moment arrives, however, my frenzied mouth is not rewarded with the frijoles negros, avocado and crack sauce the menu promised, but big chunks of gag-inducing beef.

sadness!! disgust!! mutiny!! i must spit the bite out in the sink and run the water on my 20-years-without-meat-offended tongue. and then i must re-wrap the burrito for my carnivorous mate and internally cry for the loss of a dream. to punish the world, because the world really gives a shit about my stupid vegetarian plight, i go to bed without eating dinner. because i'm that pissed off and stupid. oh, the very important trials and tribulations of kitty joe.


Mieke said...

Ouch, hope you are less busy soon and/or get to try central PA burritos soon ;-) They are to die for! Are you going to Cuba??

kim said...

That's sucks. The more the anticipation the more the letdown. Sounds like you need a break!

Amy said...