Monday, April 11, 2011

i do not want what i haven't got


i've been thinking far too much about it lately. i just can't seem to be happy with any haircut in the past year. this could have something to do with the fact that i refuse to pay for a haircut, but thankfully, i have a fairly buddhist standpoint on the issue of hair. it's not a big deal. it will just grow back. if you mess it up terribly, we'll just buzz it off and start over.


so the other day i hit my limit. i've been told i look like a mother, 'too sober', like a skinhead's girlfriend, like a troll. the list goes on and on. so on saturday, after helping jade buzz his unusually shaggy (but still adorable) hair off, i made good on my ultimate back up plan and let him take mine all off.

and i have to say, i am happier with it than i can remember feeling about a haircut in a long time! it's likely you won't agree. but don't worry. it won't hurt my feelings.


Danielle said...

I think it completely suits you, and that you look fantastic.

haley said...


Amy said...

You have a nicely shaped head. Hmmm, I cut 5" off my hair Saturday and thought that was a lot! :)

a really cool mother said...

I like it! but what's wrong with being told you look like a mother? I know a few really cool mothers!

Amy said...

p.s. You and Jade have such gorgeous eyes and your cuts really show them off!

kitty joe said...

thanks for the nice compliments guys!

a really cool mother--i know a few of you too! how can i explain...there is something disheartening about being told you look like a mom when you don't have any kids. it's the part about being a mom that isn't so flattering that people are referring to, and honestly, the really cool moms i know don't possess that quality.

amy--sounds like you cut off more hair than i did! I only had about 3 inches to cut!

Sudz said...

Gorgeous, as always!