Monday, February 10, 2014

confessions of a failed guppy

the last time i put on my bathing suit was the end of august.  the race.  i feared it wouldn't cover all of the extra body i've picked up since then but we managed somehow. i was thankfully distracted by the visual of that by suddenly noticing (as if the hours of needles applying ink weren't enough) that i had acquired three major tattoos since i last put this bathing suit on.  and that was nice.
i took great pains to prepare my swim bag.  it seems that after a hiatus i always forget some major piece of equipment that stops me from swimming.  despite my great efforts, i was turned away at the pool because i needed to renew my membership and they don't take cash.  mercury is in retrograde, after all. it couldn't be too simple.  but did i let it stop me?!  no!!  i marched to the depressing check cashing center and got a money order.  and while we're on the subject of check cashing centers, why must they be so depressing?  could someone open a check cashing boutique?  they could slow drip coffee and restore the original wooden floor or something.  someone will do it in greenpoint next week, as i have now put it out into the universe.
but back to the pool.  i had qualms.  i had fears.  it didn't bode well that i was already winded just riding my bike the 1.4 miles (yes, i just looked it up) to the pool.  so out of shape.  i also feared the water temperature.  it's 20 degrees out after all.
but the moment i slid into the surprisingly warm water, all fears evaporated and all was right in the world and i was reminded of the quaint beauty of this old pool.  the copper ceiling, the huge skylight that stretches the length of the pool, half covered with snow.  the old skinny tiles.
ah, and how a mere 30 minutes of exercise can change your whole life and soul.  length count: 30, compared to last summer's 88 average.  it's a start!   

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