Wednesday, June 20, 2007

better than jenny craig

last night at work i marveled at how light my head felt post-haircut. i joked that i probably lost a pound of hair. all joking forgotten after the HORRIFIC, TERRIBLE, AWFUL, DISGUSTING, WHY HATH THOU FORSAKEN ME?-style discovery last night. don't ask, i can't even talk about it right now because i'm busy alternately fighting the urge to vomit, crying and cursing at poor emre.
so this morning i stepped on the scale, cringing a little, knowing that i've been wrecklessly overeating lately. but really, fried yucca with ocopas y huancita sauce? this job kills me! but instead of the extra pound or two i expected the scale to laugh at me about, it reported one pound UNDER anything i've weighed in the past decade--even though i feel bloated and icky. strange. an hour later while walking down the street, feeling the light bounce of my new hair, the eureka moment came. aha! i DID lose a pound of hair. awesome.


Kimberly said...

What happened?

Amy said...

What's going on?????????? Btw, your hair looks awesome!