Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i'm totally fired. from my imaginary job as a graphic designer, i mean.

i'm sorry to be such a bad blogger. i have fun stuff planned for this summer, like this past weekend at miguel and alison's beach house on the jersey shore where i got to remember why i went to uc santa cruz where fraternities and sororities are ILLEGAL. seriously. they feel that strongly about it. and so, apparently, do i. i mean, don't get me wrong, it was uplifting to see that drunk guy 'pretend' to push his also inebriated girlfriend into the path of a car. oops, thank goodness for power brakes! but really, lest i sound ungrateful, the weekend was amazing. the ocean, divine. i was stressed that i forgot the power cord to my laptop, so i couldn't do my photoshop homework, but perhaps that enhanced the loveliness of the getaway.

i know there was a point to all this before i started ranting like a cranky 65 year old judge at his summer home...ah, and that was, i'm all booked up for weekends as though this is summer or something, yet my schedule does not really accommodate. work and school and homework and planning a wedding i will officiate. too much! long enough excuse for the patchy posting?

okay, so i had to throw my homework together today. let me just say that I AM NOT A DESIGNER. in that respect i am totally and completely alone in my class. so don't laugh at me. too much.
okay, you can laugh.

below, two option for a 're-design the new york times cook book' assignment. and a fun poll.

p.s. you can click on the cookbooks to make them bigger.


Amy said...

I don't see the Martha Stewart choice? Anyway, of the two I see (which by the way the pears look suspiciously like potatoes!), I'd definitely choose the onions. I really like the composition and bright color of the onions. And, I see your poll is running 100% in favor of the onions, so I'd say we have a winner! Don't bother with the fact that I'm the only one that's voted yet! :)

Amy said...

I mean voted so far. :)

Anonymous said...

i voted for onions too, and the poll is still at 100 percent...the pears do look like potatoes, i think too, and also the plastic is less cook-book-ish i think than the nice tactile mesh onion bag--the onion bag is also more recognizable at least to me

emilia said...

Definitely the onions! Planning a wedding? Did I miss something?

August Anderson said...

the onions i see on the display table at barnes and noble, but the pears cover is the one i remember most. on top of that, how did you get the new time font?


Anonymous said...

Pears baby!

Xavier said...

wow, the byline makes it look like you wrote the whole book.
That's some assignment!

Go for the onions.
The pears do look like potatoes.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the M.S. book, but I voted for the pears!
Gnome in the Village

OH...and Xavier said he's never met your family, but I met him way back when....and he rocks!

kitty8joe said...

the martha stewart thing was a joke. a bad joke. i was trying to imply that you wouldn't buy either of my dooshy cookbooks, you'd buy martha stewart instead. i know, i'm hillarious.

Amy said...

And guess what Kitty, I actually got your joke! I was messing with you back! Looks like the onions are it. :)

amy said...

mmm onions, we love them onions. however I'm completely addicted to black mission figs at this moment.