Sunday, December 14, 2008

sugary sweet methods of procrastination

sorry, i know i've been truant. is it a rebellion post nablopomo? partially maybe. but i've also been super busy procrastinating finals with all manner of things that are cute and sweet, like christmas trees and babies.

had the pleasure of meeting diana esther marie la calle yesterday. i figure it's okay now to post her photo, since she's already hit facebook, but i still hesitate as her mother is super private and her father has this thing against my blog (!). fear not la calle's: you ask, i take down post.
ah, yes, but diana. she slept through my entire first visit. this did not upset me, as her parents seemed to need the break. i did peek in on her, and just the sight of her little mane of hair and perfect shoulder brought tears to my eyes.

then it was back to my house to decorate my tree. we all know what a christmas enthusiast i am, yet this party had to be shelved the past two years due to the plague that visited me on and off for over a year. i can't tell you how lovely it was to have a party again! that people could come to my house. without being afraid.
adrienne's little maisy was the life of the party. sixteen month old hipster. she was most taken by the choo choo trains engaging in head on collisions.
then this evening i rushed back to the la calle's to catch diana awake:
and bring loaner christmas decorations to the new little family, alone in the city this year.

looks an awful lot like my tree!

now stop trying to distract me with trees and babies--i have finals to study for!


Amy said...

Oh, she's such a pretty baby! Are they calling her Diana? Congrats again to Eddie and Maria! :)

Anonymous said...

yay diana!
so glad christmas time is here! i love it too--the festivity, the decorations, the cold weather. glad to see you are in the spirit too!

Anonymous said...

Oh look at dat little wittle face. What a cutie pie. Gnome