Sunday, June 14, 2009


okay, so i'm guilty of neglect. rather than bring more time, graduation has brought the buckling down and settling into work--the paying the piper on all of the things i've put off due to school. haven't filled you in on my riveting life of late. and i'm guilty of causing confusion too. all this vague talk of new love and jade and i never even leveled with y'all and told you that after nearly 6 years, i finally did what i knew i should have done three years ago but was too complacent and afraid to do--i ended my relationship with my long-term live-in boyfriend. it may seem sudden to some because i've tried to put on a happy face, tried hard to make it work for years. and finally, i boarded a plane to cuba and was hit with that bang bang epiphany that looking down from thousands of feet at a little planet brings. and i shook my head and asked, what am i doing sticking with this unhappiness? it's not that he was bad or wrong. we just weren't the match. and finally, just like that, i was done. it's incredible how you can undo 6 years in 6 days. stay tuned for the requested updates and photos of new life.

oh, and i didn't smash this turkish trivet. it smashed itself.


Anonymous said...

glad you're back. love gnome.

kim said...

That picture is quite the symbol! Happy to see you taking life by the horns and striving for happiness! (Nice to have a new post, too.)

Anonymous said...

Dust off the BLOG girls, she's back.
Thank Budda for the good things.
Aunt Lizard

Amy said...

Happy to see you back! :)

Genie said...

I'd give you more than two thumbs up if I had them to give. But then my hands would be all weird-looking.