Thursday, May 28, 2009

blog/flickr tutorial

okay, so i want to share these pictures with you guys from my graduation week. ah, what a week it was! i'll stop there.

anyway, it seems redundant to give you this little picto-bucket viewing, since i've already posted them to the right here on flickr. but i figured it's a good opportunity to draw attention to and acquaint you with the features of my lovely site in case you've been to shy to take a look around. this may keep you busy during times like now when i'm either too busy or uninspired to entertain you with my brilliant writing....

over on the right hand column, you can find a link to my photography site, generously and beautifully designed by emir balik. under that you'll find a link to my 'serious' flickr site. under that, my snapshot flickr site.
still further below, you can see who is officially 'following' my blog, and you can join them if you like. membership does not get you a free lollipop, but it does get you a pea sized photo on my blog!
then of course there are links to some of my favorite people (friends and cyberfriends hand in hand), a totally accurate and serious bio by my dear friend matt peake , an archive of old posts (you can just start from the beginning and pretend they are current--i guarentee them to be as irrelevant as anything fresh i would write!). and then some more junk like my favorite books and music. because that's so important.



kim said...

Great photos! Again, congratulations! I like the tutorial. See you soon!

Genie said...

Love the photos, Kitty...and congratulations again -- looks like, no matter what, it was a joyful day. Love your big smile from within the crowd of graduates! :-)

Anonymous said...

mmmm quite an...ahem...adventure! so glad I could be there with you!!! love gnome.

Amy said...

Love seeing the photos! Those shoes you wore to the Madison Square Garden ceremony are so cute! :)

Anonymous said...

love the sweet is that!

what on eath will you do with all of this free time coming your way? how hard are you laughing at that notion?

-middle sissy

Anonymous said...

The West Coast needs Pix O Jade.
Aunt Lizard
PS Sorry no chocolate in Grad care package, next time.

kim said...

Congrats and all, but we are seriously ready for a new post!