Friday, November 20, 2009

17 marzo 2009: son of che

i know i could do well to leave jenny 101 up for a few days for more for y'all to admire, but i'm so excited that my project has just landed in cuba, one of the most magical times of my life, that i'm just eager to post.
again, i didn't write text for son of che. he was my little cuban leprechaun. my first day in cuba involved non-stop running around. the repossession of luggage seized under suspicion, the procuring of supplies and the pursuit of permission.
i came to cuba to organize the first annual st. patrick's day parade in havana. this was my job. che is a tattoo artist who rallied a crew of cuban youth covered in piercings and tattoos to carry our banners and ride bmx bikes and juggle fire in the procession. i gave his son a green rose. where i got it i have no idea.
my head was still spinning. and didn't stop for a long time. perhaps still hasn't.


kim said...

OMG! This photo is stunning! The colors and his cuteness are almost too much.

I also love that you used "y'all" in your post, because that term is my new obsession! So friendly and inclusive and much better than "you guys".

andregastelum0104 said...
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Amy said...

What a cutie, great shot!

Maria said...

Love this photo

kitty joe said...

thanks! yay.