Thursday, November 5, 2009

bear crying wolf

i was having a frightening yet laughable dream that a bear was stalking me through a cabin window. i wanted to be quiet and lay low, but even though i was awake, i couldn't stop snoring. loud snoring. boy snoring. in fact, kind of like jade snoring. could it be my dream was intercepted by the ambient audio of the room?

no time to ruminate on that, though it now brings me chuckles, because my dream was pierced by another, more pressing audio--that of a girl calling out for help. her cries escalated to a volume you only hope you could attain in crisis. and suddenly we're wide awake--bears chased away--jade thowing on his carharts and boots to run outside.

on a corner that last week saw a violent rape, wanted posters still plastered to every window, naturally, our minds went there.
but no, only a drunk girl who didn't want to pay her cab fare.
something made me really angry about this. that we were taken in to care for her and duped by her selfish false alarm.
but perhaps more frightening was the fact that jade was the lone person who ran out to her rescue. what if she had been in real danger? no one would care.


kim said...

Woah. This story is an intense mix of reality and surreal dream life. And, can I say, Jade rocks!

Sudz said...

Well, I know it's NY, but I just don't understand people. Kudo's to Jade, but tell him to be careful out there.
Aunt Sudz

kitty joe said...

yeah, i was trying really hard to conceal how my heart swelled at his hero gesture. and yes, i was nervous and went to the door, cause you know, i'm pretty tough on back up....

Anonymous said...

give em the ole one two kitty kat kick.