Monday, December 7, 2009

21 marzo: sunday. jade. mi vida

i hesitate before i post this because i want to write a long post about how i fell in love. but time does not allow. so i move forward. another day, i promise.


Genie said...

Hello. Please to be stopping giving me the chills. Thank you.

(P.S. No, seriously. I got chills -- the good kind -- when I saw this one.)

kim said...

Cute! Love the floor.

Anonymous said...

it was his short shorts. love, gnome. ;-)))

kitty joe said...

i love the contrast between these responses! kim and naomi are like, 'yeah, kitty, we know, we know, you're in love--we hear it all the time'.
and genie, you're really cute. i get chills still too.