Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oh my god, i'm going there!

it just hit me that i'm on my way to take a plane to qatar, a tiny arab emirate in the sea between iran and saudi arabia. i have been so overwhelmed trying to tie my life in a tidy knot (a challenging task to be sure! jade likes to call me the walking just might be the most accurate description anyone's given me....) to get to this point that i only just had this HUGE excitement--the travel bug in me is flying, buzzing and crashing against the inside of my head. and still my brain doesn't understand. we're going where?! i'm so excited. i hope to give you all of the mundane and exotic details. supposedly the ritz carlton. yes, that's me at the ritz carlton has internet service that the palace is paying for me.
explanations later. for now i will just leave you with the riddle of an idea that the royal palace is sponsoring my blogging for the next five or six days. how ya like me now?


kim said...

Sweet! Have an amazing trip!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. ~ Gnome

abbie said...

can you say MINI BAR??!!!
wonder if they will stock tell!