Thursday, January 7, 2010

an i love new york moment followed directly by an i love google, you tube and the internet moment

yesterday i climbed down the steps of the subway platform, stiffly, limbs frozen and cold. i heard a familiar song playing. is that the instrumental beverly hills theme? i thought, suddenly smiling. sounded funny though.

is that....?
yes, it was being played on the accordion.

even better, when i came around the corner, the accordion player was wearing a cardboard robot helmet complete with antennae. brilliant.

now for the i love the internet portion. i went to you tube to double check that it indeed was from beverly hills cop. and on a whim i typed in 'robot accordion beverly hills cop'.

and lo and behold, there he was!!!! so i can share this moment fully with you even without the time to write this well. you tube will do it for me! behold: i heart new york.


okay, so apparently i'm behind the times. i mentioned this dude to jade and he was like, 'the guy who wears the boba fett mask?'. um. oh yeah. so i guess i missed that reference. and i'm sorry i can't even spell boba fett. that's someone from star wars, right?


kim said...

So awesome Kitty! This reminds me so much of my brother as this is THE SONG he can play on the piano, and has over and over my entire life.

Anonymous said...

Fantabulous! Is that a banana in your tailpipe? Love, NC

Genie said...

Ha! He's excellent. Absolutely excellent.