Monday, May 17, 2010

it's bitter baby but it's very sweet...

okay, so i'll admit that i have recently found myself falling prey to a whole slew of issues i never thought i'd care about or consider relating to the process of aging. getting old, the kitty joe is. these issues manifest themselves in the most random places and catch me quite off guard. case in point: the other day when i landed in california for a family visit. standing on the sidewalk after mowing down a table full of mexican food, i noticed my baby nephew's arm scrawled with a message from his girlfriend.
understand that i still have to hesitate before i can type out those words 'baby nephew's girlfriend', much less accept them to be true.
understand that it really doesn't seem like long ago that i watched him being born.
but as i hesitated, i had time to realize that wow, my baby nephew is SEVENTEEN for chrissakes. and i was also seventeen when chris bowers wrote those red hot chili pepper lyrics on my arm and made me swoon and like a good cliched teenager, i washed around those letters hoping to extend their smudgy life as long as possible. or at least until he returned from seattle.
and this also didn't seem that long ago.
kyle was five months old.


kim said...

Getting so old and wise that you are beginning to speak like Yodda! But not so old that luckily you are beginning to look like Yoda.

Genie said...

Um, yes -- all of this. I still think of myself as 18, so it's awfully startling when I realize that, um, my 20 year high school reunion is THIS YEAR. Which means I MUST be older than 18. But not much older.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you're still younger than me. But not by

Ed said...

As someone who was also there when Kyle was born, I have to say that was a LONG time ago! When I think of all the things that have happened in the last 17 years, it's amazing that it's *only* been 17 years. Anyway, way to go, Kyle, that looks like a very uplifting tattoo he got.