Monday, May 10, 2010

my kind of 'welcome to california'

flying over south dakota i'd already informed jade that we would need to take 101 south and hit mission street to stop at taqueria pancho villa for a proper welcome to california. we needed to remedy new york's overpriced and under-flavored mexican food, pronto.

my sister abbie, having first made the faux pas of bragging to this ex-pat californian that there was now a local 'chipotle' in town, made a big save when she texted me immediately upon landing in san francisco, "burritos in the mission?"

hell, yeah. i said.

and like that they were gone.

luckily, there were "pudding filled churros" to introduce to jade.


kim said...

How I love Pancho Villa. I have picked up many a visitor and had that be the first stop. The best was a friend coming back from India. She was ready to eat. Stoked your in California!

Amy said...

Oh yum, now I need a burrito for dinner and can you imagine that Allyson doesn't even care for Mexican food...she certainly isn't mine! :)