Friday, June 4, 2010

unexpectedly bad smells of my life 1-4

1) dead flower water
2) sun heated nyc garbage
3) steamed brocoli water left on the stove all night, covered
4) tar

go ahead, add yours.


jenileebythesea said...

ooh good ones. i'll add:
smell of laundry that was left wet in the washer too long.
and the smell of beans, mainly kidney, left and forgotten in the back of the fridge. scary.

kim said...

-wet cat food
-roof tar

kiyomi said...

stinky guy on the bus who smelled like an ashtray.
thankfully i sat next to him on the bus on the way TO get a massage and not on the way home when i was all nice and clean and relaxed.

Amy said...

1) Exhaust from stinky cars...that would include old ones AND all diesels!

2) Meat cooking.

3) Throw up.

4) Meat rotting in the garbage can outside.