Sunday, January 16, 2011

they say good things come in three, don't they?

photo by kim and tristan's incredible and multi-talented doula

today my dear friend kim turns 33. so i guess it's an appropriate time to announce belatedly, that holy crap! kim now has 3 babies! which is to say, welcome loretta adeline.

she came at thanksgiving time, which makes her already seven weeks old. and in case you're wondering, yes, it's driving me crazy that i haven't been formally introduced.

big sister ginger

big sister rose, practicing her baby talk. loretta, not impressed.

i suppose this is also an appropriate time to share images from kim's baby shower, which jade and i were lucky enough to swoop into town for a couple of days to attend...

click here to see the full flickr set.


Xavier said...

Yay. You posted it!

kim said...

Thanks Kitty! There is definitely a 3 theme going on!

Mieke said...

Congrats, Kim and Tristan!!