Tuesday, August 14, 2007

watching my iq skyrocket

what i heard: "excuse me? do you know what block sloan catering is on?"

what i thought:
that's interesting--of all the people in this crowd, why ask me about catering? do i reek so much of catering even after two months off? and anyway, who is sloan catering? i thought i knew all of our competition.

what the lady next to me said: "turn right--next block down."

what i thought: that's odd--who knows where catering offices are, especially ones i've never heard of?!"

what i immediately passed:
sloan--kettering HOSPITAL. the one i've seen every day for ten years.



Amy said...

I think you've got too much catering on the mind...even after a two month hiatus!!! You and Emre keep me giggling! Amy aka...Sister Christian

Anonymous said...

I thought your latest blog entry was hilarious. And of course as always loved the scale image. Though, I was a little unsure if it fit the entry and then, duh on me, realized the arrow was pointing to zero! Hilarious!