Monday, December 24, 2007

excuses, excuses...

yesterday my sister said unto me, "you didn't send christmas cards".
and i said unto her, "no, i didn't"
and my sister said unto me, with mounting disapproval, "you say that like it's no big deal!"
and i said unto her, with the lack of energy i have to give this issue, "i have reasons."

understand, fair people of the earth, that i dream big. i have endeavored to send you all much more than a christmas card that you can put on ye olde refridgerator (don't get me wrong--i love christmas cards--keep them coming). but because the funds are severely lacking of late, what you receive in the mail, will be more than a card, rather the most amazing homemade gift you may have possibly ever been given in your life.
it's that major. so major, that of course it has required countless (i really mean shockingly so many!) hours of labor plus the brains of my genius boyfriend. so fear not, fine people of christmastown, thy gifting and carding will be done. just late. so in the meantime, maybe you can print this for the refridgerator?

so how's christmas in new york? well, on the plus side of not being able to go home for christmas, i'm discovering so many consolation prizes. for example, not having to pack during finals week. not worrying about all christmas gifts during finals week. also, there's that whole 'new york city at christmastime' thing which is really beautiful. and having the time to sit on my couch at night and gaze at the christmas tree. i'm particularly enjoying the view out my window, watching people come select christmas trees. i made gingerbread yesterday and brought some down to these guys who are out there in the cold providing christmas cheer for me from out the window. and i don't think i ever saw so much gratitude after giving any gift. as i've said before, little things mean a lot.
and now, i swear, one of my readers asked for more ornament pictures. really. so i'll load them at flickr to spare those who don't want to fall asleep while attempting to read my blog. thanks. here you go abbie. since you don't want a material gift--here's a virtual one.


kim said...

Merry Christmas Eve Kitty and Emre! I miss you and hope you are enjoying your NYC-centric holiday. Love you, K & T & R & G

Amy said...

Happy, Happy Christmas Eve! Hmmm, I guess I can wait for my Christmas card. Your ornaments are beautiful, I loved looking at them. Love, Amy (aka SC)

CoZe said...

uhmm ... arrghh ... Nyar... happy. merry. chistmass. emre. and kitty ! ARGH ! I did it ! :) (sorry, after years of Paganness, trying to overcome my christmas allergy)

abbie said...

i really loved the ornament show!

as much as i am missing you, seems like it you are home for a reason, so that you get to slow down a bit.

love, love , love you!

the flower man sends you him love

Anonymous said...

When someone asked your Dad this morning what he liked the best about New York he said, without hesitation, Kitty. He had a great time and is already talking about going back.
Merry Christmas Sweetie,

PS The flower man was happy to hear you missed him and said "Merry Christmas Darlin"

Aunt Barbara said...

The flowers from the flower man are on my dining room table and I think of you and Abbie when I walk by them. Abbie said they were from you both.
Aunt Barbara

Naomi Campbell said...

I thought about stopping at the flower man, but....felt like a dork asking him if he knew you. Now i feel like a dork for not stopping. You win some, you lose some.

kitty8joe said...

i think the flower man probably calls all of the pretty girls who stop by on christmas morning 'christmas angel'. so you're spot on, naomi!