Sunday, December 16, 2007

i am tourist

there is a first time for everything. yesterday i sat on the top level of a double decker tourist bus for three hours, 25 degrees, with my dad, seeing manhattan from a whole new perspective. i tried to channel timothy 'speed' levitch from the cruise. if you haven't seen it, i suggest you run out to your local independent video store (or netflix) NOW and rent it. i have to admit that i didn't make it through the whole loop, times square to times square. when the bus paused at 1st avenue and st. marks place--my east village territory--out of the bus we did run to warm up with an amzing bowl of carrot ginger soup at yaffa cafe.


kim said...

Yaffa is so yummy. Did you learn anything on the tour? Sounds fun but FREEZING! How is your dad enjoying the cold and the city?

kitty8joe said...

i learned that the origianl macy's opened on 14th street at 6th avenue, a block from my school back in the 1800's. you can still see the name and the star on the building, over a 99 cent store. other stuff too. dad is a trooper. though when i said you really must bring a hat--i didn't have a baseball cap in mind. doesn't do much to cut the FREEZING wind. and yes, abbie, i've 'walked his wheels off'.

abbie said...

please tell me he got a hat while he was there!?
i wanted to take one of the double decker tours while i was in london, but ran out of time.
granted, it was not 25 degrees out side, i think that might have deterred me!
ahh, yaffa cafe...always open

Amy said...

Sounds like you're having fun! I watched the cruise about a year or so ago, funny movie! I agree, did dad get a proper hat?