Friday, December 7, 2007

fwd: fwd: fwd: re: my christmas plans

i was about to type the following words into an email response, but figured i may as well post them here since i seem to keep typing the same ones over and over. that way all the thousands of people who read my blog will be abreast of my riveting holiday plans.
the rumors are true. i will not be making it out to california this christmas. no holiday bread making, no drinking of aunt barbara's cider, no driving around like i'm elven years old to oogle the miles of christmas lights strung up to the fences and barns on hessel road by farmer skip. and please, send my regards to the man who sells me a bouquet of flowers every dec 25th on the railroad tracks in cotati and calls me his 'christmas angel'. maybe he calls every woman who stops by on christmas that--what are you trying to say--don't burst my pretty bubble!
the fact is that i have jury duty. it's time to pay my debt to brooklyn, this borough i babble on about so lovingly. i've put it off for eleven years, have photocopied countless airline tickets and school schedules. time to pay the piper. the good news is that people tell me judges don't want to work around christmas so they delay the new cases and jurors get out easy. too risky to plan the ol' new years trip though. hopefully i'll make it out later in january. until then, i guess i'm just stuck with the rockefeller tree's new LCD lights. thanks for asking.
ooh, but a christmas miracle: after eleven years, my dad is coming to visit me here in new york. wow. it's about time!


kim said...

Very cool your dad is making it out to NYC for the holidays. What is the temperature there again? Yes, you, holidays, bread, I know, you will be missed, but I am thrilled you are thinking January! 30!

kim said...

Oh, BTW, love this polaroid transfer! We just returned from Union Square to see that tree's new LCD lights. Cosmic? Way of the future? Interesting.

Auntie said...

Sonoma County and the family will miss you this year and I will miss your yummy Christmas Bread. We will toast you with cider on Christmas morning,so be listening.
Enjoy your dad you know he is old now. ha! ha!
A surprize is on it's way to you.

abbie said...

i will give the flower man your regards...."not to reason why", and i will be missing you over brunch.
i know that you will show dad a grand time, and i am sure he could really use that right about now.
he bestowed so many wonderful & wacky travel memories upon us a children; walk his wheels off!