Thursday, June 5, 2008

how do you lose a lighthouse?

the ever-so-relevant news on the yahoo homepage this morning heralded the finding of a 'lost' lighthouse. apparently this cape cod lighthouse was thought to be destroyed in 1925, but really someone trained it out to california and recycled it south of san fran. damn hippie californians, always recycling. oh, except that 'someone' turned out to be the coast guard. so you can see how this was a really big mystery. this is apparently a big exciting 'discovery', yet totally perplexing to me. don't lighthouse enthusiast have magazines, and now probably websites? don't they make annual treks up and down the coasts taking pictures of many lighthouses? it's not like this lighthouse was marooned somewhere in central oregon (sorry jeni) or something. we're talking SAN FRANCISCO, most visited city in our nation. maybe if you asked a japanese person, they could have told you where the lighthouse was. hell, even I could have told you where it was, since i know that it's amazing and you can stay there in a hostel and soak in a hot tub under the stars, on a cliff over pounding surf, rays of the 'mystery' lost lighthouse slicing the heavens above you at 10 second intervals.
you can even buy books and postcards of this lighthouse! up top, you see my picture of the still anonymous lighthouse. and below, the news photos of this sneaky runaway.

okay, wait. so this is when we realize that maybe it's good that i'm not a reporter. y'know, i did think it was suspicious that they called this the 'point montara' lighthouse when the one i know is the 'pigeon point' lighthouse. okay, so maybe i haven't stayed at the runaway lighthouse. but i could have. there's a hostel there too, and i certainly drove by it on the way to taller, less mysterious pigeon point lighthouse. but my point here is still the same. how do you lose a lighthouse?! there is definetly something shifty going on here though, as the runaway lighthouse claims to have been in operation in california since 1875. hmm. maybe we should sic scooby doo onto this one. i can totally picture some masked bad guys running up the echoey spiral stairs...

in other lighthouse news, this is possibly the funniest, most random thing i've ever seen. it makes me cry when i watch it. i'm not going to embed it. please click here on the highlighted green letters if you didn't already above (i know, some of you need link tutorials, i've been told--ahem).


kim said...

Lighthouses Rule!

kitty8joe said...

if you don't like lighthouses, you suck!
i can't believe i didn't thread that in. maybe i'll add it on at the end as bonus material. i'm doing that now.

Amy said...

I guess I don't suck because I think lighthouses RULE! Or I guess if I were being up-to-date with my terms I'd say they ROCK!

And, I've watched that video a few times now and it does get funnier and funnier! I just wonder who has time to come up with this stuff! :)