Wednesday, June 18, 2008

new york, go to your room!

like a mischievous toddler intent on misbehaving in front of those whose parents wish to impress, the weather during my sister's one week stay here in new york was abominable. hot. humid. hellishly hot. did i mention humid? and of course, now that she's gone, it's back to its lovely late spring self, making innoncent faces, like, ME? little old me? make trouble for you? no. couldn't be. please don't give me a time out like that last tantrum when your dad came and i plummeted the temperature down to the teens and blew frigid wind. even when i knew he'd be taking the open-top red apple bus tour. couldn't we just forget about that? it was winter! what was i supposed to do--be relatively mild like the week prior and after his visit? oh. oops.

new york weather--i've got my eye on you. and don't think i forgot that time you employed your friend 'ice wind' to steal my dad's favorite hat up into the air and land it over an inscalable fence. hargmph.


Amy said...

Yup, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it was so nice before I arrived and then right after I left, not fair!!! Ya know NY, it's not like I go ANYWHERE by myself EVER, this was a treat and even though I had a fabulous time...I would have appreciated some pleasant weather!

kim said...

Yep, it was way hot here today too (about 80...hee hee)!
Amy, love your new photo! It cracks me up.

Amy said...

Thanks Kim! Kitty took it with my fishy lens. :)