Sunday, June 8, 2008

i heart spa castle (yet i am receiving no money for this endorsement--damn!)

yesterday i spent the day in heaven. it wasn't cloudy and white, but very wet. it's called spa castle, an appropriate enough name--short of calling it 'spa-disneyland' or simply 'heaven'. spa castle is a wonderland plunked in the middle of a random and faraway neighborhood of queens--four floors of pristine, high-tech korean spa. for eight hours, mieke and i wandered from warm bath (104F) to hot bath (111F) to cold bath (73F) to chilled bath (63F eek!) to steam sauna, to dry sauna, to dramatic mirrored shower to massaging water jets to LED color therapy sauna to pool bar to himalayan salt sauna to iceland sauna (like an igloo! walls of ice!). we had massage, manicure, pedicure, we drank juice, ate dinner, shared frozen yogurt--all charged to an electronic casio-style wrist band that also locked and unlocked our lockers.

this was mieke's bachelorette party--just the bride to be and the priestess. and honestly, with a spa full of naked women, who needs steak and cigars?!


spa castle: i'm ready to pack my bags and move in. hell, they've been packed for a year (obscure bedbug reference--see next post)! and at $35/day, it's cheaper than living in a bedbug infested apartment in new york city!

there are few times in my life that i can say i was as relaxed as last night. finally, the borough of queens has earned it's name.

p.s. i poached this photo from their website. what, you think i have a fish eye? and anyway, i was busy forgetting that possessions exist at all.


kim said...

I want to go! Love the reference that Queens earned its name!

Amy said...

Sounds amazing! And I thought the walls were curved that way!

Sudz said...

Only $35 a day!!!!! Book me.
Sounds like an amazing experience. I had a similar one taking the baths in Baden Baden Germany once long ago.