Tuesday, September 30, 2008

random thing #1

i derive an inordinately enormous pleasure from finishing off bottles of things, and tossing them out (yeah, yeah, rinsing and recycling them--that's part of the fun) before welcoming the lovely, chock full replacement. having a variety of things open that serve the same function bothers me. this goes for hot sauce, lotion and especially shampoo.

i have always felt this way and knew i was crazy. then i read a feng shui book that told me that I'M RIGHT. it called those almost empty bottles lined up 'dead soldiers'. vindication. i love feng shui.


JayJohnson said...

Also, it's shocking how easily one empty olive or pickle jar can MAGICALLY transform into a protein shake container. OR a salad dressing cruet! Ah technology.

kitty8joe said...

yep, and i have a whole cabinet (you know, because my apartment is so spacious) full of such magical items just waiting for their time in the sun.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, it must be genetic. I cannot stand having different kinds of stuff open. I like to find the one product that works perfectly and then only have that one. Right now I'm trying to use up some conditioner that Alex bought, so we only have one type instead of two. Drives me NUTS sometimes. We recycle EVERYTHING! Love, Gnome

kim said...

Here is a random thing: I just got the Cringe book in the mail...Very excited!