Friday, September 19, 2008

a rare moment when kitty joe is rendered speechless (you missed it)

behold, an artifact from one of the most surreal and touching moments of my life. this wee little painting was gifted to me by my dear friend jenilee of the amazing painting fame, and her friend nikki--also an amazing painter. we had just sat on the typically gorgeous and verdant front porch of her beautiful and affordable portland victorian sipping prosecco and marveling that actually, though we were so familiar with each other through jeni's stories and photos, we'd never really met. this fact was made all the stranger and more unbelievable when i was handed a gift wrapped parcel containing the above palm-sized painting.

first i stared at it--totally confused. who is this person who looks like me. it's me? but i'm in a painting! i'm not in paintings! but those are my earrings! i felt like aristocracy, bohemia all at once. but wait, is that really me? but we just went over the fact that we'd only just met.

ah, but a couple years prior i did sit on another verdant and beautiful portland porch with nikki's husband sean, also a talented painter and photographer, who did snap the photo version of this image and pass it on to nikki when she was looking for new faces to paint. and just like that, i'm a queen. a speechless queen with tears in her eyes.

see (and buy, commission to see yourself as bohemian royalty?) nikki's work here.


kim said...

"I like auntie Kitty in that picture." This is what Ginger said as she passed by the computer with your Queenly painting on it. I agree that it is pretty amazing to have a portrait painted of you! Her art is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I must say that when your blog came up I was set back when I saw the picture. Yes, it is you Kitty. ;-) Your so BEAUTIFUL!

Xavier said...

oooh!! i have a new desktop background!

Amy ~ Just Being Aimlyss said...

Such a beautiful painting! :)

Bibi said...

As usual a little backed up on reading and even though I'm not a comments' person, I HAVE to say: that is a beautiful painting of beautiful you!!