Sunday, September 21, 2008

sunday morning therapy session--issues with ME

i thought i'd leave that last post up for a few days, what, with being super busy and the fact that no one looks at my blog on weekends anyway. but the problem is, it's freaking me out to keep seeing myself like that when i pull up my blog. then why do i keep pulling up my blog? why, of course to read your lovely comments on posts new and old.

compounding this creeped out feeling is continuing to scroll down and feel my eyes roll back and the involuntary 'ugh' escape. god! it's all about me. how boring! but these are classic blog issues. that's what a blog is. a journal. online. for all to read. sometimes i think i'm crazy for doing this, and sometimes i get to bored of hearing myself prattle on....
but, eh, may as well give all those people who hate me for being such a narcissist something to really make them sick.

and also, when i post too much about other people, you guys get annoyed.

well, buckle up your seat belts because like it or not, the only hands on photo class i haven't yet conquered being offered this semester is 'the photographic self-portrait' and you'll surely be seeing my assignments. so deal with it (i may just be talking to myself here--jeez, what, is this all about me?)


Xavier said...

i'm sure you'll figure out a way around it.

kim said...

Why do you think I look at your blog? Hoping for updates on Kittay-na-ney-ney's life in the cit-ta-nay-nay! Hey! OK, that was actually pretty hard to spell out--whatever that is! What? Isn't this comment all about me?

ames said...

But you RULE! (that was in my best Lester Burnham, American Beauty) attempt!