Wednesday, October 15, 2008

honey, it's time to do your homework

time for everybody's favorite. it's wednesday-what's-going-on-in-my-self-portrait-class, otherwise known as 'look at me me me me'.

the challenge: to photograph myself at 80 years old.

the product:the idea: pretty simple. i was away in turkey so i pretended to be an 80 year old turkish woman.

the result?: you tell me.

the outtakes:


kim said...

These are really interesting! I think you choose the best one. It kind of reminds me of Mama's Family, with the young women in the gray wig and the support hose. I also really like the body shot, the body language is interesting.

kim said...

Wait...I thought you were going to be on my porch when your 80!

Amy said...

I totally wouldn't have guessed these are of you! Love those 'suntan' support hose! :)

kitty8joe said...

kim--don't you and your porch worry! i'll be there!

Anonymous said...

Those hose are S-e-x-y...SEXY. gnome

Anonymous said...

You remind me of a younger grandma to me... my grandma.