Friday, October 31, 2008

is it my imagination, or has hallmark hacked into my brain?

it was a late night rite aid run. you know when you just have to have new qtips and mascara TONIGHT. this skinny little card stopped me in my tracking through the seasonal aisle. i may have been known to indulge a clothing fetish or two that most normal people reserve for halloween. or prostitution. like really tall boots, animal prints and fishnets. it's why halloween is my kinda holiday. oh, and the excessive compulsory candy eating doesn't hurt either.

charmed by this card i opened it up to find this message:
are you kidding me? or 'are you kitty-ing me?' as emre would say. okay, so the 'so do i part' makes it a little schizophrenic, but who am i to discriminate or pretend that i'm not?
as if it couldn't get any better, the price (have you noticed that they want your first born child these days for a greeting card? if it's stylish, also fork over the school tuition):

99 cents.

i said NINETY-NINE CENTS. for the cutest card that was custom designed for me.

the graveyard shift check-out girl did not share my enthusiasm. but i know that you will.


Amy ~ Just Being Aimlyss said...

ADORABLE and definitely custom-made just for you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

did you pay for this background? cuzn

kitty8joe said...

nope! free on aqua poppy designs..

kim said...


kim said...

And great title.

Mieke said...

Thanks for sending it to me!!! Love it!

Sudz said...

Hope you bought all they had, though now that you posted it on your blog, who could you send them to? Wallpaper?
Love Aunt Sudz