Monday, January 19, 2009

can it really be sweet sixteen?

it was sixteen years ago. i was a senior at analy high school, taking finals. i knew my sister, abbie, was in labor, but it was taking forever. concentration was down. spanish verbs were not coming easily to mind. finally, i got a note from the office that i could go. i can't remember who brought me to the hospital, just that abbie had requested we pick up some tcby yogurt to assist her in her 17 hour labor.
i was seventeen years old, about to witness one of the most, if not the most incredible and emotional moments of my life. much like the movies, there was a lot of screaming and sweat, blood on my shoes (had to take a break in the hallways when i noticed that, started feeling like i'd hit the floor). and again, just like the movies, hearing "it's a boy!" and the sound of his kyle's first cry induced me to sob--a deep primal feeling sob of overwhelmed happiness and wonder. when abbie came home from the hospital, it was to our sister amy's apartment where i was also living, along with kyle's father. the wonder continued. i knew nothing about babies, and was quite terrified even to hold him. but boy, did i love him.
when i flew to new york city to start a new life i was feeling pretty stoic. excited to go, but not quite feeling the significance. kyle, two years old, chased me down the airplane's boarding arm crying, for one last hug. that's when it hit me: life, the decisions we make, kids growing up without me, missing home. future themes to come. i promised myself that kyle, nor the myriad of nieces and nephews who've been born and adopted me (or i've adopted) since then wouldn't have just a hazy feeling of who their auntie kitty is. and still that hug i get when i see my kyle after a long way away feels just like the one in that airport.
i can't believe it's sweet sixteen.

oh, and i can't let amy off the hook on this one. as kyle's impending birth drew near, she implored me to take the 80 braids i was rocking out of my hair. your niece or nephew will see this photo for their entire life! you don't want to embarrass them by looking like a freak! thankfully, im still crazy, so it shouldn't come as any shock...


kim said...

16 already! And, what a great picture of you with baby Kyle. Time truly does fly.

Amy said...

I remember that day so vividly, what a special day! :)

abbie said...

your promise has been supremly kept.
xoxo-middle sis

abbie said... know i can't spell!