Thursday, January 15, 2009

wishing you a surreal birthday

to continue on with two themes, the first being 'happy birthday' and the second being 'isn't facebook a strange thing', i post the following image, taken by someone i've never met, of someone i haven't seen in years, standing just two weeks ago in my kitchen, when i was in california.
happy birthday adam! what i'm appreciating so much at this moment is Friendship. yes, friendship with a capital F. the one that can drift off into the remote pastures of life yet come back as familiar as yesterday.

adam was coming to nyc with his girlfriend. i would have loved to see adam, and i'm so happy he contacted me. turned out i would be busy in california sick as a dog. yet still, he made the appearance (and some supposed gang signs--is this an homage to brooklyn?) in my kitchen.

and today is adam's birthday. happy birthday old friend. so glad that life seems to be good for you!

photo by jodie ross, poached from facebook

oh, and props to emre for hosting two strangers in my absence. i knew they'd be lovely guests, even if they are obviously pc users and couldn't find the 'eject' button on the keyboard for the dvd player...

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Amy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Adam! Funny shot. :)