Sunday, January 4, 2009

facebook pet peeve number seven

(drawn from a random swirling list of gripes that i can't bring myself to care enough about to order or classify, but enough to scrape together a blog post):

getting email messages that say: "so and so thinks you may want to be friends on facebook with what's her nose".

except you really used to hate what's her nose because she dragged your heart through the dirt when you were a teenager and now that you're supposedly an adult you delight in not having to run into really or think about anymore what's her nose, thank you very much.

and in comes facebook and suddenly i must devulge every detail of my life to anyone who ever walked on the same street as me, even if i don't recognize them past kindergarten. jeez, why don't they just read my blog?

i am, of course, poking fun at myself, but really, can't these people just keep my grudges straight and stop trying to push people on me?

okay, that's off my chest now. back to vacationing.


kim said...

Ha! I also have many gripes about Facebook... hence my absence on Facebook!

Amy said...

I'm laughing as I read this, I know what you're talking about!

We're so happy we've been able to spend time with you during the past week! :)

kitty8joe said...

ah, kim. good that you're absent from facebook--gives you more time to be a devoted commenter here.

and amy, it was wonderful to welcome you back to sonoma county!

xavier said...

this kitty has claws! (kidding!)

ames said...