Monday, February 8, 2010


i know that it's standard blog etiquette not to discuss your job in posts. i find this most difficult, because i'm happy to say, that i love my job and all of the adventures (and even accidents!) it brings.

as a compromise, i sometimes make mention of stories from my job, but try never to directly name my employer. this seems silly, but please humor my vagueness.

this vagueness is particularly difficult for me when i have some sort of personal accomplishment to brag about. for example, this past thursday, the boss and i celebrated the end of a kick-ass project that opened in philadelphia. as the boss said, my hand was heavy in this project/installation, particularly in the creation of 2 beautiful 5 foot by 4 foot photographic prints documenting the project. seeing these photographs printed in such a large format was a first for me and quite honestly, brought tears of pride to my eyes.

additionally, the fact that my love, jade, often collaborates with the boss brings further joy to my life, as it provides us time to work and create together and take collective pride. like last summer.

jade, as a member of the elusive psudoterrorist group born from this project, helped paint the huge mural atop a 100' tall gas drum as i sat shaking in the center, clinging to an exhaust chimney, having a panic attack, certain i was about to fall off the earth. alas, i was later enlisted as the getaway driver. but hey! who dangled out of a helicopter to snap that photo, eh?

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to read a great article about the project click here:


Mieke said...

Love the photos!!! Congrats again on an amazing project Kitty!!! xo

Anonymous said...

How awesome! And your boss is hot.

kim said...

Your photo looks awesome! So glad it went well. You are hard to miss in all those photos!

Anonymous said...

I agree with A.