Friday, February 26, 2010

good morning, brooklyn!

out my kitchen window. happiness.
when i was a little girl i used every opportunity to make a wish--usually on the first star--to wish it would snow. and while a trace dusting about twice in my lifetime did wake me up squealing, i'm thinking new york is just a delayed answer to my little girl wishes. this is what east coast winter should be. enough of the cold and dreary with no white, business!
i like it!


kim said...

So beautiful!

Baby D said...

Loving it!

Sudz said...

Get out your snow shoes and ear muffs!
I recently flew back from Asheville N.C., had to stand on the tarmac in Chicago in snowy 12 degrees waiting for my carry-on bag. YIKES! my California clothes didn't cut it.
Aunt Sudz