Wednesday, February 17, 2010

too legit

sometimes i find myself commenting on other people's blogs. i used to be timid about this and still don't do it much. however, knowing how much i love my blog being more of a dialogue than monologue-how much i love receiving comments, i try to come out of my 'lurker' status occasionally (this is only partially intended to be a kick in the ass to you lurkers!).

but sometimes i find my comments on others blogs running too long. i'm too much of a story-teller. so i'm yanking this comment from where i was originally posting it (the inadvertent gardener) so i can yammer on and on.

uhhh...with such a long-winded pre-amble i forgot what i was going to say! oh yeah. here we go. it just fell to the bottom of my bag...

in her post, genie talks about being afraid to be pulled over by the cops while transporting wine-soaked barrels for her garden, despite having drunk a drop of alcohol, due to the pungent smell of the barrels.

and my response was this:

i always enjoy doing things that are legal but could be mistaken for illegal. i look forward to that moment when i can make that self-righteous 'i told you so' face and watch the cops walk back to their car. examples of this abound on the subway, where mta cops apparently haven't gotten the memo that the post 9/11 ban on photography has been lifted. oh, how i love to educate them.

this is in direct counterpoint to those sketchy moments (which generally happen while i'm working) where i probably should or could be reprimanded and the 'i told you so' face is replaced by the more sweet, innocent 'please-don't-hurt-me-my-boss-is-just-crazy' face.

i think the boss enjoys both types. once while being pulled over for talking on his cell phone while driving, coincidentally hauling an oversized truckload of phragmites reeds for a project, the officer inquired: "do you know why i'm pulling you over?"

the boss: "cause i'm hauling a truck full of marijuana?"


kim said...

Funny. I run out of unique comments but I like to let you know I am a follower–not a lurker.

kitty8joe said...

dude. you are so not a lurker, kim. being the only facebook holdout, you're practically the only one reading this blog anymore!

Genie said...

Ha! This hadn't come through in my feed-reader yet, but Kim tipped me off to it -- so funny! Your boss is awesome and totally cracks me up. And I, too, love the I-told-you-so face. :-)

Anonymous said...

The QUEEN of the Lurkers, local and your blog checking in.
Keep it up, It is my entertainment a few times a week.