Monday, May 12, 2008

being in your 30's = endless excitement over wedding and pregnancy announcements.

nate and naima moved to brooklyn back in 2000. a friend of a friend, i met naima after i had already gotten her a job catering, insisting she was my good friend and a great worker. lucky for me and the company, both of those statements became true.

naima is a truly beautiful soul whose sweetness is only equaled by her husband nate. ready to start a family, they moved back to austin, texas last year. i miss her incredible cooking and her down to earth nature. and did i mention the hummus and the breakfast rolls and the chili and the cobbler? appropriately, i'm seeing naima for the first time since she left new york, at her own baby shower. she is one of those natural born mothers. i can't wait to see that little tummy.

i don't know who painted this portrait, but they nailed the vibe spot on.


kim said...

What a beautiful painting! I guess you would have to photograph well to be painted well?

Amy said...

That is beautiful! I remember you telling me about Naima's fabulous cooking. When is she due?

Naomi Campbell said...

What a warm feeling of joy.

emilia said...

Congratulations to Naima! So exciting!!!!